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Electronic Medical Records systems are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Not only are these systems improving patient care, they are also reducing risk and earning healthcare providers money. Healthcare providers can earn up to 63,000 dollars in stimulus money for implementing an electronic medical records system.

Our EMR consulting service may be a fit if one or more of the following applies to your organization:

  1. My Practice is currently still using paper charts.
  2. My practice is interested in moving to an electronic medical records system.
  3. My practice currently is using an EMR system but we do not like it.
  4. My practice has an EMR system but it is not being used.
  5. We have an EMR that we are using but we need help achieving meaningful use.

Our firm provides a variety of services to ensure that your company maximizes its EMR investment. Below are just a few of our services:

  • EMR consulting and implementation
  • Meaningful use Consulting
  • EMR Migrations
  • Conversion of Paper Charts to Digital Records.
  • And More

Our organization is proficient in many of the industry leader EMR Systems.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization.


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After deciding to switch to EHR and through extensive investigation we found that Practice Fusion was one of the most user friendly systems as well as the most cost effective for a small practice like ours. We had so many problems with paper charts, if we couldn’t find one we were basically dead in the water. Having it electronic its right there at your fingertips.

Especially if the doctor gets a call after hours from another doctor or an emergency room he can login to practice fusion from wherever he is at and get the information he needs to provide quality patient care. Implementation didn’t take long at all, the staff had a two hour training session and then the doctors, and we were able to switch over immediately. We were able to get our lab integrated as well as our outsider biller connected. Practice fusion has helped us deliver quality safe patient care, in addition to helping coordinating our 7 doctors in a small office. Our Clientfit representative was able to come in and meet with our doctors multiple times and respond to all questions via phone or email if needed. . Our EHR implementation would not have been as successful without the help of Clientfit. Practice Fusion is very user friendly, but Clientfit made it even easier.

Clientfit did a fantastic job in just one training session, it was very thorough, the representative was very patient, and made it very easy for us to implement and use Practice Fusion. And because of their help our seven doctors have qualified our practice for a total of $161,000 over the next few years. Thank You Clientfit!

Sonya, Practice Manager

Sonya, Practice Manager

The Surgery Group of Los Angeles
General Surgery