Insurance Credentialing Service

Insurance Credentialing Service

Insurance Credentialing Service

Insurance Credentialing Service

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Opening a New Practice ?
Want to get onto more Insurances or IPAs?
Clientfit's Insurance Credentialing service can help!

Insurance Credentialing can be a long and arduous process and if it is not done correctly it can cost your practice thousands in missed revenue. We take over the whole credentialing process to ensure your practice is credentialed correctly and as quickly as possible.

How It Works

1. You tell us what Insurances you want to join
2. You send us all relevant and necessary necessary information
3. We complete and submit insurance applications including CAQH updates
4. We Follow up with each application until you receive an effective date (usually within 3-6 months , often sooner!)

The Cost

Our Pricing is Simple 155 per private payor [Per Provider]  and $500 dollars For Facilities Per Payor

How Long Does It Take ?

Most Insurances have a turn around time of 90-120 days Facilities can Take Longer. If an insurance company is behind credentialing can sometimes take an upward of 6 months. This is why its important that applications are submitted timely and correct in order to prevent any delays.

Patients are waiting to see you! Call us now to get started. 

Want to Know How To Prepare for The Process?
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