Medical Billing

Is your medical billing company keeping you in the dark? Not receiving reports on time or at all? Are you staying up at night wondering if you are going to make payroll? If the answer to any of these questions is yes , it may be time for a new medical billing solution.

Clientfit provides full service medical billing and collection services to practices nationwide. We do not need to be local to your practice to serve you; In fact we currently service clients across the country and in a variety of specialties. We are proudly serving clients in Los Angeles, Nevada, Washington State, Tennessee, Texas , Oregon , Georgia and more.

Our solution saves you time and money, while increasing your visibility and calming your anxiety !

Why OutSource? The cost of having an in-house employee includes:

  • Salary
  • payroll taxes
  • medical insurance
  • benefits
  • parking
  • ongoing education
  • sick time
  • vacation time
  • workers comp insurance
  • fee(s) through a clearing house, etc., etc

The cost of partnering with Clientfit  is:

Much less than the cost of that in-house employee, and more affordable than most other medical & collections billing companies. We typically charge a percentage of what we collect for you from insurance. Our medical billing service has no startup cost, contracts or monthly minimums or hidden fees.

Many providers continue to put up with sub-par and sometimes down right terrible medical billing services because they are afraid of the switch. Your practice financial future is at stake ! Contact us today to see how we can help your practice thrive.