4 Reasons Why Your Practice Should Bill Within Practice Fusion

While many providers have made the switch to EHR many are reluctant to embrace the idea of a paperless billing workflow.  We will share 4 reasons why taking your billing paperless in Practice Fusion is a great idea.

1. Accuracy

No longer does your billing staff have to struggle to understand the provider’s handwriting in order to process a claim.  They have access to clear and legible information such as diagnosis and procedure codes right from Practice Fusion. This reduces errors, which in turn reduces claim rejections and denials.

2. Transparency

One of the biggest physician objections to outsourcing their billing to a medical billing service is the lack of transparency. They often cite concerns such as “I don’t know what they are doing” or “ I don’t know where my money is”.  Billing through Practice Fusion and a preferred billing partner enables providers to see when a claim went out, what claims are pending , how a claim was paid.  With Practice Fusion billing providers can have more control over their revenue cycle with out additional time or effort.

3. Faster Payments

One of the advantages of billing with Practice Fusion is that claim-processing time is cut nearly in half.  In a traditional billing workflow. Demographics, Insurance Info, and Charges are manually entered into a billing system. The time to process the claim is delayed even more if you have to send that information to a third party biller via courier, or mail in order to be processed.  In practice fusion all the information needed to process the claim is available immediately in electronic format. Providers can have their claims processed as soon as the superbill has been completed with no delays. Claim processing time can be reduced on average of 2-3 days.  

4. Time Savings

Billing with practice fusion will eliminate all of the time sucking manual task associated with preparing and processing your billing. No longer will you or your billing staff need to manually enter information from paper charts into your billing system. Since all the info is already in the EHR it can be synced in along with charges to preferred billing software.  The time your staff will save on entering data can be used on more important tasks such as claim follow up and patient collections. 

Clientfit Technology Consulting providers Practice Fusion Medical billing services to healthcare providers in Los Angeles and also throughout the United States. 


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