Where is Your E-Waste?

E-Waste , Electronic Waste, or E-scrap describe discarded electrical equipment and devices. The improper disposal of these items is becoming and increasing problem in developing countries as well as the United States. Some electronic equipment such as computer monitors, contain harmful chemicals such as mercury and lead. These chemicals have to potential to contaminate ground water and other parts of our environment. As our reliance on technology increases so does the amount of e-waste in landfills around the world. California law currently prohibits televisions and computer monitors from being disposed of in the trash. Fortunately in countries like the United States there are comprehensive recycling programs that will give you money for your e-waste which is a pretty sweet deal! Here are a few tips for disposing of your E-Waste 1. Donate your old WORKING electronics to a local shelter, church , or school. 2. Refrain from disposing electronics , batteries , or cell phones improperly. 3. Find out if your local recycling center also accepts e-waste. Links: California EWaste Recycling Facility Search Where Does E-Waste End Up? – GreenPeace International