Where is your Business Intelligence Data?

Many small organizations fail to implement proper business intelligence(BI) tools or even worse do not implement them at all. Business intelligence refers to computer based techniques used in collecting and analyzing business data. Some data points that can be stored in BI systems are sales data such as revenue, accounting data, and inventory. BI systems are important because they support a company’s ability to make strategic decisions. BI systems usually perform functions such as data mining, statistical analysis, performance management, and predictive analysis. There are many BI software programs that can equip a company with the business intelligence tools that their organization needs. Customer Relationship Management systems(CRM) are great tools for small and large business to track sales and customer interaction data. Salesforce is an excellent cloud based CRM tool that boast a wide variety of BI tools for analyzing sales and revenue data. Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) are ideal for large organizations who wish to integrate BI data across various departments in their organization. Software suites such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics are excellent tools for this. In a nutshell, your organization needs to be able to quickly and accurately report on business events within the organizations. Tracking business data on excel spreadsheets and word documents is inefficient, slow and error prone. Empower your organizations decisions by investing in a business intelligence system. IT consulting firms are excellent resources for developing and implementing a BI system that fits your company’s needs. Links: ERP Software From SAP Salesforce