Hybrid Cloud Application Service – Benefits

Main Benefits:

  • Cloud-like Flexibility. Complete flexibility in adding or removing users as well as software applications.
  • Ease of Use. Eliminate the complexity of software licensing and renewals as the licenses are automatically included in your monthly service fee.
  • Security. With an on-premises server, you can keep your data on-site and under your control.
  • Remote Management. As our experts pro-actively manage the IT infrastructure you can focus on building your business rather than worrying about IT concerns.
  • Affordable. “Pay as you go, pay as you grow” model helps you to control your IT budget and accurately forecast ongoing expenses.
  • The Intel AppUp Small Business Service offers the best of both worlds: cloud-like flexibility of a subscription based model and, unlike a pure cloud solution, an on-site server keeps your data secure and lessens reliance on an internet connection.