What are Managed IT Services?

Many business owners are experiencing an increased reliance on technology in order to remain competitive. Business transaction systems, E-commerce sites and systems are just a few ways that technology is transforming how business is conducted. Many small businesses simply do not have the capital expenditures to maintain the technology needed to remain prosperous and agile. This is where Managed IT Services comes in handy.


What are Managed IT Services?


When you hire a Managed services provider you agree to outsource the management of all or a portion of your IT infrastructure. Common managed IT services include Managed Help Desk which typically includes unlimited remote and phone support, managed security services, backup, email, and Phone. Virtually any aspect of your IT infrastructure can be outsourced as a service to help streamline your IT infrastructure. Managed IT services are typically billed at a fixed price for a specific term. Managed Service providers typically require that customers commit to a contract for the offered services.


What’s in it for you?


Managed Services are a great way for clients to save time, money and streamline the efficiencies of their IT environment. For a fixed price, your organization can ensure that your IT infrastructure is maintained and protected. This allows business owners to properly budget IT expenditures because their IT costs are now predictable. Companies now have access to world-class technology and expertise with out a huge initial capital investment. Managed service providers generally offer their customers a service level agreement that outlines the relationship between the two parties. With managed services companies no longer need to worry about inexperienced or flaky IT guys. Your managed service provider can ensure that all your IT needs are covered so that you can focus on your business.



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