Are Your Business Emails Professional?

Email is by far one of the fastest growing and prominent business communication methods. In addition to intra-business communication, E-mail is increasingly being used by businesses to communicate with their customers. It is imperative that your company put their best foot forward when communicating with customers. Below are a few guidelines for your company to follow in order to improve your business email’s professional appearance.


1. Only Send Email from a Professional Domain


Your organization should not be sending business email from,, etc email addresses. Businesses that send email from these types of services detract from their credibility. If your business already has a website you can easily get email addresses that matches your website domain. For example, if your company website is you should create email addresses for your company such as or Sending emails from a professional domain not only increases your professional image but also increases your trust on the web. This is particularly important if your company conducts customer transactions online or you discuss confidential information with your clients. Services such as Clientfit’s Hosted Exchange can host your email in the cloud and get your email setup with your domain.


2. Make sure each employee has a uniform email signature


Make sure everyone in your organization has an appropriate Email signature. An email signature should be present in every email. Standard email signatures include A Name, Title, Company, Contact Information, and social media icons or a link to the company website. This is helpful when you are contacting customers for the first time via email.


3. Include a Company Disclaimer


As legal and compliance risks increase, implementing a Company email Disclaimer is an effective way to help you enforce a company wide email policy. Company Disclaimers allow you to add HTML or text disclaimers automatically to all emails in your company, providing a warning to unknown or unverified sends and recipients or other important messages. Your IT company can help you set up your disclaimer so that it is automatically attached to all outgoing emails.


Customer communication is an integral part to any business and it is imperative that business pay attention to their overall image and presentation. Enhancing your email communication is a sure way to keep customers attracted to and engaged in your business.