Hosted Exchange 2013

Hosted Exchange 2013


Delivered from the cloud, Clientfit’s Hosted Exchange 2013 is the best choice for business email.


Hosted Exchange 2013


New Features in Exchange 2013


Hosted Exchange 2013 is a platform for all your business activities including email , calendars, contacts, and more. It aligns your organization, makes it more mobile, and enables it to share information better than any other platform on the market today.


Mobility: Meet today’s on-the-road productivity demands


Business is no longer confined to the office. Clientfit’s hosted Exchange 2013 is designed specifically for touchscreens,

mobile usability and offline productivity. It ensures your employees can be efficient regardless of location or device.Hosted Exchange 2013

Even if they’re nowhere near an Internet connection.

  •      Outlook Web Access (OWA) detects your device to automatically adjusts its
  •      layout and interface for desktops, tables, or phones
  •      Updated look and feel using the new Windows 8 design.
  •      Offline access enables email, calendar and contact capabilities even when
  •      you’re not connected
  •      Our control panel lets administrators manage their full cloud environment
  •      from any web browser


Email, calendar, contacts: Enhance your core productivity tools

Clientfit’s hosted Exchange 2013 offers exciting new features that improve the way you do business. This includes a simplified calendar interface, integration with LinkedIn and Facebook, email extensibility for embedded maps and more.


  •          Meetings are simpler to compose and schedule on any device.
  •          Contacts sync with LinkedIn, Facebook and other services while
  •          preventing duplicates
  •          Fast Search, phoentic search, and nickname search for your contacts
  •          Email applications like Bing Maps and LinkedIn and access to an app
  •          market place to enhance features and functionality.

It’s the best of both worlds: you deploy Exchange 2013 to improve employee collaboration and mobility. And you leverage Clientfit’ss cloud to save capital and eliminate worries. This gives you more effective employees on the one hand, and a leaner and more focused IT on the other.  Call us Today to learn more about Hosted Exchange 2013 or click below to start a free 30-Day Trial.