What is Hosted PBX

There has been a lot of commotion lately about companies moving their phone systems to the cloud Via a Hosted PBX.  The cloud is the go-to technology of choice for email and application infrastructure, and rapidly becoming the technology of choice for phone infrastructures as well.


What is Hosted PBX?


Your traditional phone system works over a standard landline that is setup by your phone company. Hosted PBX provides your company with an enterprise grade VoIP phone system that is delivered securely through the cloud via your internet connection. Hosted PBX provides your company with a Fortune 500 Level phone system for a fraction of the cost.


What are the Benefits?


Cost Savings


In terms of costs savings, many hosted PBX systems have little to no up front costs for deployment.  There are no special hardware or software needed to deploy the system. All your organization needs is a VoIP capable phone and a reliable Internet connection. 


More predictable pricing 


Most Hosted PBX providers offer flat rate pricing, which often includes unlimited calling anywherein the united states. This is helpful if your employees spend a lot of time on the phone with customers. Your organization will no longer have to worry about outrageous phone bills that accrue every month.


Ease Of Management 


Your company will no longer need to call your local phone guy or your IT guy every time changes needed to be made to the system. With a Hosted PBX system administration is easy can be done through a simple web interface from anywhere with an Internet connection. Your company can easily program auto attendants that will give your company a professional appearance.  Lines and Extensions can be added in seconds with ease. Management may easily monitor and archive employee conversations for quality and training purposes. And because the system is in the cloud, the Hosted PBX Vendor performs all upgrades and maintenance. 


Integration and Productivity


Some Hosted PBX systems can integrate seamlessly with your email and business chat systems. Users can place a call directly from their computer or start a phone conference right from a group chat session.  

For users who work remotely, a soft VoIP phone can be installed on their laptops or smart-phones so they can make calls right from their office lines. Employees no longer need user their personal phone plans for work related matters.


High Levels of Uptime 


One of the benefits of a hosted PBX is the high level of uptime that each system will afford. Most hosted PBX provides can guarantee a 99.9% uptime which equates to about 11 minutes per year. Most traditional phone vendors do not have  a service level agreement this high. If your telephony communications is a key part of your business than you may need to consider Hosted PBX. 


Overall, a Hosted PBX system will bring value to your organization and decrease operational and IT costs.  Your organization will see an increase in productivity and also present a more presentable image to customers and business partners. 



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