Practice Fusion User Roles and Your EMR


When preparing for your EMR implementation it is imperative that you understand what each employee will be doing in the system. It is important to keep track of this during the implementation to ensure not only that the system is being configured properly but also that each employees account is reflective of their true intended access privileges. All EMR systems including Practice Fusion have predefined roles that permissions associated with them. 


For Example Practice Fusion has several default roles such as Physician, Nurse, and Staff. Within those roles are specific permissions. A Physician may be able to sign and make changes to a chart, while a staff member can only created and edit appointments.  These roles keep the EMR secure and prevent unauthorized and access changes to patient information.  Your Practice Fusion Consultant can guide you on how to correctly assign permissions to the various roles in your healthcare practice.  A spreadsheet like the one provided below can be useful in tracking and testing user account creations along with their expected permissions.  Use this document to test your permissions before your go live date. The tips provider here are not just applicable to Practice Fusion but to any EMR system you may choose. 




Practice Fusion Consultant  User Account Creation Speadsheet