Do You have to Pay for an EMR Solution??

One the most daunting facets about implementing an EMR system is the cost. Server based EMR systems can cost up to $60,000 and cloud based EMR systems can run you as much as $700 dollars per month. In addition there are some EMR systems that you can get for free but they will require you to hand over your billing in exchange for the free system.


A Totally Free Solution


Practice Fusion is a 100% free EMR solution that is powered by the cloud. It’s a fully featured EMR system. It has all the features most practices will need in an EMR such as Charting, E-Prescribing, Scheduling, Lab integrations and more. In addition to being totally free, Practice Fusion runs in the cloud meaning your organization does not need to purchase or maintain any expensive servers or equipment. Your patient records are accessible via any computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Your incentive money shouldn’t be eaten up by expensive EMR systems and recurring fees. Practice fusion will always remain free and is supported by advertising revenue. A certified Practice Fusion Consultant can get your practice on the road to meaningful use in no time.



Clientfit Practice Fusion EMR Consulting

Practice Fusion