5 Ways to Keep your Company Network Safe

Businesses rely heavily on their technology not only to conduct business but also to remain agile and competitive. It is imperative that companies invest in protecting their company networks and IT equipment. These days, network or system down time means lost revenue, which is bad for business. Here are a few ways everyone can work together to keep their company network safe.


1. Don’t Share Passwords – Keep all passwords personal and never share them with a coworker or non- employee. A password that falls into the wrong hangs can do lots of damage to a company’s network and data. Also employees may be on the hook for any damages that results from comprising network security.


2. Enforce Physical Security – Your company’s routers, switches, and servers should be physically secure. Keeping this equipment in a locked room can prevent anyone from tampering with this equipment. One of the most common causes of a software security breach is a physical security breach. Once a person has physical access to your equipment, the damage that can be done is endless.


3. Always lock your computer or log off – Always lock or log off of your computer when not in use. Leaving your computer unlocked leaves the door open for unauthorized users to gain access to your company’s network and files. Again an employee may be on the hook if a security break occurs as a result of their negligence.


4. Keep up with software updates and patches – Your Managed IT Services provider should ensure that all software remains up to date with the latest updates and patches. Some software programs contain vulnerabilities that may permit unauthorized access to your computer and company network. Regular updates and patches will keep your safe and running smoothly.


5.Don’t Conduct Personal Business on Company Computers! – Many consumer email accounts such as yahoo and gmail are known to get an influx of emails and spam that contain viruses and malware. Opening an unknown attachment on a company network can wreak unwanted havoc. Also refrain from loading up personal files on company computers that can also contain viruses and malware.


Your Managed IT Services Provider can help your company put together a plan to keep your company network safe and sound.