In Need Of Mental Health Credentialing Services?
 Are You Stuck On The Insurance Credentialing Process?

Insurance Credentialing can be a long and arduous process and if it is not done correctly it can cost your practice THOUSANDS in missed revenue.

With our Mental Health Credentialing Service, We take over the WHOLE process to ensure your practice is credentialed CORRECTLY and QUICKLY.

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How It Works - 4 Easy Steps!

1.  Select Your Payors - We can get you  

    credentialed for any insurance in any


2. We collect all required documents

    from your office.

3.  We complete and submit all

     applications to each insurance

     company including CAQH updates.

4.  We follow up with the insurance

     company and provide updates until

     you are credentialed

Within 60-180 Days You Will Be On The Panels! 

       Just A Few of The Insurers We Work With..

Meet Your Credentialing Team!

Heidi Q

Zina B, MSIS

Victor P

Our System Works!

Others just like you have started out skeptical, only to find that our system made a real difference for them. Here's what some of our clients say about our insurance credentialing service. 

   Getting support from The Folks at ClientFit with my credentialing and billing has been extremely valuable. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Private Practice I deeply appreciate their experience, knowledge, and the value they bring to my practice. When I started my practice I was wearing too many hats and something had to give. My decision to outsource  to ClientFit has been one of the best decisions i have made to date. I would have loved to have had them by my side as I maneuvered the craziness of the insurance system from the beginning. As I bring on more NP’s to my practice I am excited that they will have the guidance and support of ClientFit from day one.

Kristin Richardson ARNP - Psychiatric NP Cedar Falls IA

   Calvin and the Team at Clientfit were super helpful in getting my private therapy practice going. They started by calling all the insurances in my state to see if they would accept me as provider which was a process in itself. I sent them all my documents and they did the rest. Within a few short few months I was able start seeing patients. They also took the time to teach me how to bill for my therapy services so that I can achieve maximum reimbursement. Many companies wouldn’t even look at me because I was just starting out or wanted to charge me insane minimum fees but Clientfit did just the opposite. Their attentiveness and guidance are unmatched…Clientfit is a no brainer for any therapist looking for credentialing or billing services

Jeffery Lopez, MS, MA , LPC, NCC
Ideal Counseling Services
West Linn, Oregon

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